Tips of Travel Tourist Guide to Medan Indonesia

Writing about Tips of Travel Tourist Guide to Medan Indonesia, North Sumatra aimed at tourists who want to travel without using the services of a travel provider. For that, we of AndaSumatra.comwill share information that is important to you that during the holidays can be comfortable and relaxed.

On occasion there are some points that we wanted to focus on in terms of traveling to medan, northern Sumatra and will have you learned earlier to increase the provision of information for you. Here’s the explanation:

1. Determine Transportation

Before traveling, surely we will see first, what transportation that can get us to the destination. For example, example your state in America, then all you have to do is look at what airlines can take you from America to North Sumatra. Does anyone directly, or have to transit in a new city can be continued, and the airline put on what’s next. To Airport in North Sumatra, you will land at the airport of Kuala Namu International, and to get to the city of Medan, then you need to take other transport like railway Kuala Namu Airport, taxi, or bus Damri, the route travels specifically the Airport to the city of Medan. For those of you who use the services of a travel provider, all transport has been set by the provider of tourist travel in the city of Medan.

2. Planning Destination Places

For this one, you actually have to first find out information about tourist attractions of a country or city would you go, so before traveling, at least you already have this information. For tours in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, you only need to check the information to the Internet and find: a beautiful tourist spots in Medan, North Sumatra. There will be many websites and blogs that discuss this, please you learn one by one and make sure the information that is really guaranteed accuracy. Meanwhile, for those of you who use the travel services provider, for the purpose of travel anywhere already set and you will be taken to the famous tourist spots and most visit.

3. Choosing Where to Stay
Medan one of the largest cities in Indonesia, to stay lodgings match you with your budget. There are inns, motels and hotels ranging from the mundane to the luxurious facilities. For information on hotels in Medan, you can also find information on the internet before you travel. Again, for those of you who use the services of a travel provider Medan do not have to bother with it, because it provided a comfortable place to stay for you

4. Learn Culture

This is an obligation that you have to do, so that when in tourist destinations that you will visit, you will not be surprised by the diversity of cultures that exist. Like people in Medan, which in terms of communicating sometimes his voice was hard, for those who do not know the habits there will think the person is angry, but it is not. By knowing the culture, you will easily adapt.

5. Choosing Transportation During Travelling in Medan

Travelers who has picked the names of existing tourist attractions in the city of Medan can figure out what kind of transportation that can take you to the tourist destination. In Medan, there are many types of ground transportation, ranging from motorcycles, tricycles Medan, public transport such as buses in the city, as well as inter-regional buses. For those who travel alone without a guide, just a reminder in terms of communication, most of the people of Medan, still do not understand English, so you should hire a translator while in the city of Medan to help you communicate.

6. Enjoy Foods Medan
In culinary terms, you also do a culinary tour because so many types of food typical of the city of Medan that you need to taste one by one, so you do not just eat the food served by the hotel. For those who go it alone or use the services of a travel, please try to eat outside the hotel, to enjoy the delicacies typical of Medan.

7. Stay Alert
Every major city, there is always the name of crime. for the crime rate also need to pay attention. For those of you who traveled to Medan without the services of a guide to travel, make sure the time out of the hotel, not to go alone, there are at least a guide either from the hotel or translators have you lease earlier in order for you to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Medan at night can be relaxed and safe.

Thus the explanation we could give on tips of traveling guide to the city of Medan, once again tips are intended for those who do not use the services of travel. For those of you who do not have to bother thinking about tips available, it is better to use a tour guide so that from the moment you set off to return to your country, will get a pleasant and relaxing holiday for all the purposes you need has been prepared by a travel provider that exist.

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