Beautiful Tourist Places in North Sumatra You Must Visit

The following article as a conduit of information for those of you who want to visit Medan, and spent the holiday in existing tourist attractions in North Sumatra. North Sumaterta is a province that has been known in the world because of the many attractions interesting place to visit. Starting from the highland atmosphere gives coolness, a variety of waterfalls, historic places, museums are typical, and houses of worship also became an object for photography for both domestic and foreign tourists while on vacation here. The following tourist attractions highly recommended holiday in Medan, North Sumatra.

Maimun Palace

Famous from the actual building Maimun Palace, rather that the building is one of the historic heritage of the Royal Deli, located at Jalan Katamso, District Medan Maimun. To get to this location, it is very easy to come to this place because of the many public transport options that you can use, ranging from motor tricycles, taxis, public transportation, even if there is a better personal vehicle or of the vehicle also travel services. While here, visitors can see the various types of collections from the Palace of the photos to see the sultan luxurious throne.

Sipiso-piso waterfall

Waterfall with a height of 120 meters is within 135 km of the city of Medan, the exact location in Berastag. To reach this place, must first conquer the 1000 stairs winding down toward which takes approximately half an hour. From here, can also see the beauty of Lake Toba.

Tjong A Fie’s Mansion

Which make Tjong A Fie home building so famous in essence not because mansion that hundreds of years old, or too wealth during the era has Kesawan Bank, have plantations in Sumatra, or also because he who built railroads in mainland china. That’s all there is no what- nothing compared nature of generosity that before his death wrote that the entire wealth will be distributed to all those who are in need regardless of what race, tribe or of religion. This is what makes Tjong A Fie known until today.

Tinggi Raja (High-King) White Crater

Have you thought that there was snow in Indonesia? It can be found in North Sumatra, precisely in the District SilauKahean, Simalungun. There is a tourist spot that is now known as Snow Heat, High King. Basically not like snow usually, just because it’s white so like snow, it is because there is a blend of white sulfur, green, and blue that are mixed and frozen so that the end result looks like snow. This tourist spot if it departs from the city field will take approximately 3 hours.

Two Color Waterfall Sibolangit

This waterfall is quite unique in North Sumatra, was in Sibolangit within 75 km from the city of Medan, a waterfall two colors Sibolangit become a tourist attraction most visited because it has two different types of water colors. There is a blue color that gives coolness and white color that gives warmth. Travelers who want to reach these places should pass Sibolangit forest for 3 hours walk with the aid of a guide for the needy. Most people who visit here will make themselves available for overnight by building tents.

Hill Park Sibolangit

If abroad there is Wonderland, and in Jakarta there Dufan, then in North Sumatra is also a tourist spot entertainment called Hill Park Sibolangit. There are a lot of games in this place, so as to make it easier for visitors to choose what game you want to play then the manager makes the grouping of theme playground. For those who want to test the skill, rides floor projection can play games, bombs, Ferris wheel, bumper boats and other rides skills. For those who want to test the adrenalin can try to ride the thunder of the concept is much like a roller coaster. There are still a lot of games that you can try them one by one. And there is one game that is dedicated to the children are inspired wonderland that exist abroad and named the spacecraft with the name of Toon Town.

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery

It is one of the most famous museums in Medan, North Sumatra. In fact, because of its uniqueness which has more than 2000 animals preserved collections makes this museum become the most complete museum in Asia. The owner named Rahmat Shah is a successful entrepreneur who has a hobby of hunting animals and not infrequently he received international awards. Located at Jalan S. Parman Letjend, this museum has a collection of the most interesting is called The African Big 5 contained Bull, Elephant, Lion, Cheetah, and White Rino.

Asam Kumbang Crocodile Farm

Are you lovers of crocodiles? If yes, then the tourist attractions in the city of Medan called captive crocodiles Asam Kumbang you must go. There are thousands of crocodiles all types, locations in the village AsamKumbang within approximately 5 kilometers from the city of Medan. Beginning this place only use backyard of a family, but along with its development eventually they can accommodate more than 2500 crocodiles and established Asam Kumbang Crocodile Farm.


One of the animals that are known in the world, is the Sumatran elephant. You can find it in tourist place called Tangkahan. Basically this place is a jungle where when you visit this place could roam wild forests, across exotic cave contained many bats, and you also get to meet, up, and Sumatran elephants bathe. To achieve this tour of the city wrought terrain within 100 kilometers.

Lake Toba

Places this one seems to have no need to be introduced or recommended for you. Lake Toba is one of the most famous lakes in the world for its beauty incredible. Foreign tourists are always scheduled during a holiday trip in North Sumatra to visit this place. For those of you who use the services of travel services also must have become compulsory visited tourist attractions.

Hopefully writing about places of tourist interest in Medan, North Sumatra will help add to your information. Enjoy your holiday.

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